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Family Medicine

This is normal for me.  I sleep most of the day and II'm up at night.  The odd thing is I do most of my writing at night.  I'm more creative and I have more ideas.  I don't know why.  But I know that I get my days and nights mixed up.  Sleep by day and wake by night.  It happens all the time.

I'm on the medications I take during the day so I have a felling that's the problem.  I just stare at the walls or sleep.  I read during the day to decide what I am going to write about.

Being bipolar the most important thing to me is to talk about it.  I'm hoping it will help someone else out there.  I also want to entertain them.

My purpose is not only yo make me happy but to those around me.  I'll do what it takes.  I want people to respond and tell me what they think.  If it's bad it's bad.  Tell me what you want.  Let's work together.  Let's build a bond that most people don't have because we are the people that build it.

Let's show them we have a voice.  We are not totally handicapped we are strong and have a word.  I do. I hate this stuff and I want to be able to proof that I can get better by writing.

Come and join me. Sent your story in and I'll be happy to publish it.


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