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A NumberNine Update

Jul 13, 2010 - 9 comments

NumberNine is doing a lot better.  It might have the meds or something - I don't know but except for her arthritis, she is fine.  Those of you who prayed for her - thank you.  It's good to see NN eating and trying to steal food again.  She even plays sometimes.  She means so much to me; like she can read my thoughts.  The vets did an incredible job with her.  Thank you all so much for your support.

Hugs ....

PS:  I won't tell you about Miss Puff's broken anal glands  = )

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675347 tn?1365460645
by ginger899, Jul 13, 2010

Oh wow! Fabulous news NumberNine!
I am very glad you are feeling better. I have been thinking about you.
Miss Puff is now trying to steal the limelight....with those (pooh!) anal glands of hers....hope she is better too soon. :-D

389974 tn?1331015242
by swampcritter, Jul 13, 2010
Glad to hear things are back to normal at the wolf den!

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by Dazon50, Jul 13, 2010
This is so good to hear.  :-))  Thank you for updating us.

203342 tn?1328737207
by April2, Jul 13, 2010
Yay! So glad for the good news! God is good! We'll pray for Miss Puff too. Hang in there! God bless you and your critters!

547913 tn?1317355667
by jimi1822, Jul 14, 2010
Yay, and Horay!!!! GOD Bless Number Nine and of course You my dear Friend and Sister =0)

460830 tn?1347219306
by stacys_aunt, Jul 14, 2010

1301089 tn?1290666571
by Sarajmt, Jul 14, 2010
I am so glad the Numbernine is going to be his old self soon!  That's wonderful.  Lets pray for many more years!

541150 tn?1306033843
by PrettyKitty1, Jul 14, 2010
Thank You God!
This beautiful dog deserves the life she has, next to you, LW. I'm so happy she is eating well and even playing. This is such good news.

God bless that wonderful pet of yours.

460185 tn?1326077772
by lonewolf07, Jul 20, 2010
NumberNine is a really special dog - to us anyway.  Miss Puff and her anal glands are just her way of getting attention  lol  She did have to go to the vet but while NN downplays how she feels, the Puff is a real drama queen  = )

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