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Still learning..

Jul 14, 2010 - 2 comments



Panic Anxiety Syndrome





I'm learning my way in this world and I'm trying so very hard to just live and let live. To not take on this world and to let go of the past. I no longer want to live what has already been done. I want to run along the side of my partner and I want to live this life to its fullest. I want to see things for the first time. I don't want to waste time on the problems of the past or look at things I can't change.

And if someone does not like me or is rude to me, Oh let me learn to walk away with my head held high and let it just go like water off a ducks back. I have been given this one life and I'm so not into regret nor do I get a second Chance at this go around. The time you waste is just Gone. So don't let me look back at what could have been what Might have been or what I should have done.

No I no longer want to be past tense  I no longer want to let my dreams to just go away I no longer will let those that look at me strange or have no understand of ware I have been or what has made me "me" then let them be. Don't pick up other things you can't change.

I want to be Proud of the person I am, I want my children to be proud of the person I am...I want to look back from this moment on and let life take its course and let my soul fallow
I want to start to walk and then Run....I want to live......

Thank You,

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1118884 tn?1338592850
by 29sillygirl, Jul 14, 2010
You will.  Your excellent outlook will take you where you want to be.  Walk first!!!

1316708 tn?1310916182
by ladyrhea4, Jul 14, 2010
Thank You Honey...........I will walk first.....xxoooxxoxox Rhea

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