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Recovery at the Alvis House

Nov 17, 2016 - 0 comments


So about a week an a half ago I got a major violation which was on Nov. 8th I think. Well I got a 14 day work restriction which aloud me to go to Goodwill Career Pathways only, 5 hours of extra duty and 20 points. On Tues. Nov. 15th I got into an altercation with a roommate that got out of hand over a stupid wall plug... anyways I almost went back to prison over it and if that were to happen it would have really set me back by staying in prison to do the rest of my time which my out date is March 12th 2017 plus I would of been put on paper and I still would have had to come back to the Alvis House to finish my time here but instead what happened was I got 51 more points on top of the 20 I just got 15 hours of extra duty on top of the 5 I just got and one month of restriction which I think runs concurrent with the 14 days that I just got and then I got a minor violation on the same day for not helping with supplies. But what happened there was, I was rushing back from goodwill cuz I could not afford another violation, I had to make it back for my first group which was trauma, ha, imagine THAT! So I ran to the house and asked Ms. T if I could just check in after I go to group so she was like just come and sign in and when group is over come back and check all the way in cuz my group was suppose to be at the other house so I said ok well I went over there and go to the basement knocked on the door and no answer so as I'm trying to figure out what to do cuz it was my first time, some ppl from my house was over there getting supplies and I was told that Ms T said that I was to help with the supplies and I have no problem with that but I was in the middle of trying to save my behind and on top of that I had to let big K know that I was there but come to find out Ms. T came over and in the same breath said that trauma has been canceled but that the lady that  does the group is at out my house and to hurry up and get over there to see her so I ran back over there and she was having group over there instead so I was able to go to group but as soon as I got out of group Ms. Q was getting on me about not checking all the way in and when I tried telling her that Ms. T knew this Ms. T  lied and said that she assumed that I was already checked in when I signed in and she knew full well that I wasn't and as this is going on Ms. Q hands me a minor violation that Ms. T gave me for not helping with supplies knowing full well that I was trying to get to group at that time and was trying to save my behind so I got 5 more hours of extra duty this stuff is so crazy but in there eyes I'm wrong and there in the right WHO DOES THAT!!!!!!!!! And during the time I was with J getting my discipline for the dispute with another client she made it sound like I purposely missed orientation to start my groups, first of all why would I do that and second I am not the one who can make the decision whether I can do this or that they are but supposedly I was the one who decided that it was ok to do the goodwill program and it was my decision to figure out my groups around that but none of that is true!!! I knew that it might of set me back a couple of weeks by doing the goodwill bootcamp first before I started my groups and I was ok with that but apparently its not ok but at any rate God is in control of my life and I plan on going to Amethyst once I complete this so I'm not giving up!! I wasn't even going to post this but I believe that there is a powerful testimony in all of this and I'm not mad at anyone although I am mad at the whole situation and how it played out. Another thing is I realize that this might not make since to some people but if you want to comment or have a question feel free to do so or ask.

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