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Surgery Today

Jul 15, 2010 - 1 comments














7 hrs at the hospital today (very fun, I might add, when you are pregnant and can't eat or drink since the night before.  Finally got my first food of the day at around 2:30 pm!  :-/ I was famished!). Everything turned out well and both stents are in place.  I pray to God that they stay there and work well for me so that I don't have a repeat of 4 years ago with one constantly blocking off and causing so much pain.  Good thing my ignorant urologist called my wonderful former urologist in Gainesville, or it doesn't seem he would have known what to do in the OR today. Too bad he forgot to ask my former urologist what pain meds he can give a pregnant patient, because he refused to give me any. Yeah, this was the last of many things that reinforced my decision to go with another doctor.
The first was at my 1st meeting with him when he called me a "liability" to his practice and a "urologist's nightmare." Then at the 2nd visit he said he would only do the left stent because the right wasn't affected (hmmm, not what they told me at the ultrasound last week...) The real reason is that he was afraid because of my ureteral reimplantation I had on the right when I was 4 yo. He basically acts like I am too below him to even speak to him, voice concerns, or ask questions. He is arrogant and rude. He rolls his eyes at you when you start talking and looks away. Doesn't look at a person when he is speaking to them. He told me yesterday "we don't DO stent as preventative." Hmm, interesting, sir that you did indeed do both sides today.... after my former urologist reinforced what I said about the right getting severely obstructed, too. Oh, and wasn't he supposed to call my urologist about this weeks ago, yes, I think he was, not right after my office visit, just before my surgery.

I am very responsible about not taking too much pain medication when pregnant. I start with a fraction of the dose (often cutting the pill into halves or even fourths.... when the dosage is two whole pills) and taking it only when desperately needed. I have had severe pain during both of my previous pregnancies and had to manage it with medication. In fact in 2001 I was yelled at by my ObGyn for NOT wanting to take it. She said it is worse for me and the baby for me to be in such pain and can cause premature labor. But this urologist is clueless, and left me without anything. Phone call already in to have Tricare switch us to somebody else :o)

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by Caralea, Jul 15, 2010
Glad all went well. Good luck and happy recovery.. hope all goes well on your hunt for a new urologist.  Happy pregnancy!!

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