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Grrrr missing temp for possible O day.

Jul 14, 2010 - 1 comments






The Spouse and I got into one of our monthly spats, and this Vitex I've been taking has made me way, way over emotional. I left to spend the night with a girlfriend of mine to watch chick flicks and have a glass of wine. I forgot my basal thermometer, but somehow I didn't forget my OvaCue.. I looked everywhere for it, and when I came home, it was next to the bed. I can't believe I didn't get such an important temp!!!

Hoping for a Baby Girl!
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by Girlplz, Jul 16, 2010
I definitely O'd in the middle of the night, between Tuesday and Wednesday. Somehow I woke up because I felt some O pain, and my arm was asleep. I just remembered I can't choose which day....ugh, I so wish I had that temp. I'll just say it was in between.

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