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Jul 20, 2010 - 3 comments







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So today's u/s was scheduled with a different OB than my own since mine is out of town right now. Let me tell you he was just awful!!!! He did not introduce himself to me. He asked if I had a transvaginal u/s before and I said yes. He said well slide down then. He said well its only 6 weeks its really too soon to measure anything. Then he did say it was good that we could see the heartbeat flickering, however he didnt even tell me how many bpms. Then he printed a picture for my chart and wasnt going to give me one. I semi- threw a fit and insisted he do it again so I could get a picture. It was so unpleasant. Then he and his nurse left me and the hubby in the room. We didnt know what to do so we sat there and then decided to go to the checkout desk. We scheduled another u/s for 2 weeks from now and then left. Well I was atleast relieved that our little beans heart was beating. Then I get a phone call from my actual nurse who works with my OB (the one out of town). She tells me that I am a carrier of the cystic fibrosis gene. Now my hubby had to get bloodwork done =( If he is a carrier we are going to be devastated. I feel a little better the more I read about it but I just can't believe I never even knew I was a carrier. Let alone the fact that I already have 2 perfect kids. She said because this is my hubby's first kid we had to get him tested. There is a 1 in 29 chance that he has it. It doesnt seem like a very high chance but then again, I have it so who knows... I am so scared right now for our baby =( We won't find out for a week what Jason's test results are so now just the waiting game. My next ultrasound is August 5th. Not feeling so excited right now...

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1276121 tn?1420860600
by Dolphin05, Jul 20, 2010
Awww im sorry you had a bad time at the doctor. I would of gave him a piece of my mind and told him i never want to see you again. I hope everything works out for you and your family.

1285651 tn?1319642429
by lil_lady25, Jul 21, 2010
How am I not seeing your journals and pictures? I feel like i'm way behind!

Sorry to hear about your crappola called a doctor. Glad that you threw a mini fit so atleast you could get a pic. What a jerk this guy sounded like! The good news is despite everything else was that there was a heartbeat. Hooray!!!!  Please dont stress abou the cycstic fibrosis. The chances of Jason being a carrier is very slim. Keep your head up, it will all work out :)

1301836 tn?1305621815
by natashajay, Jul 26, 2010
ahh sorry you've been givenmore worries! try to smile thru it babe i am certain all will be well, sounds like he was a total nightmare and good on you for insisting a pikkie, and as for leaving you in the room to decide what you have to do next...that was disgusting! hope you have a more positive outcome next time xx
im soooo glad baby is ok, scan pikkie looks great!

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