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Jul 22, 2010 - 1 comments

Week 25 is almost over. Nina is moving ALL the time. I can feel it and even visually see it too. I am afraid she's gonna kick one of my patients in the head while I'm working! My belly is touching their head most of the time. It's getting harder to see the lower left teeth without bumping my belly against their head! Her movements even woke me up last night.
We went to the Ann Arbor Art Fair yesterday and walking around for 4 hours in the heat was not too fun. My legs are out of shape. My feet felt awful in flip flops. Should have worn differnent shoes! I feel fine today though.
Starting to plan the baby's room... paint colors, decorations, etc. Aunt Bev is making her bedding. Things are going well! I feel good.

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by lrmgirl, Jul 22, 2010
That's great that she is so active.. Sometimes it feels like Summer is going to bust through my stomach.  

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