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Clonodine Day 2

Aug 12, 2008 - 2 comments

I feel great. I don't know why I wasted my time being on Suboxone for 8 months. Yeah there is no high whatsoever with Clonodine, but it get rids of all the withdrawl symptoms and thats all I ever wanted.

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by mimi170, Sep 19, 2008
what does clonodine rid? wds from??

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by cleen, Oct 02, 2008
Uphill, this is cleen and I've been chatting with REFUSINGBONDAGE and she said to go to your profile and read what you wrote about clonidine. I went to your profile and you just wrote that it helped with the w/d's. Do you know about klonopin and how it differs or is like clonidine? I'm getting close to jumping off the sub train and it's moving pretty fast so I,m kinda nervous and scared at the same time. Any padding you could suggegt would be greatful. I have a cool doctor and he'll get me anything I need since he's the one who got me hooked on Oxy and now sub and he knows it!! Right now I'm taking Klonopin to help with sleep and anxiety. Congrates on getting of sub. I'm happy for you. Do stay in touch and let me know how you're coming along. Thanks, your friend Cleen, well mabye not yet!

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