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aah crackup

Jul 25, 2010 - 0 comments






I was so damn irritable this weekend, but especially this morning, I had a full on tanty with B, and then a cry and then another yell. My brain was a sort of manic? just too many thoughts, sort of anxious and racing and OVERWHELMED. the state of the house didn't help I know, but ... so I'm exhausted after spending the next 2 ? or 3 hours cleaning the main living area, why can't I just vacuum? WHY do I have to vaccuum, and wash down the walls, and wipe down every skirting board, and move all the furniture and clean behind it and vaccum all the sofa and chairs.. and and... I decided that maybe the metres of ceiling blinds and windows would be just a little too much! so at least I stopped somewhere...oh and LOADS of washing ... well that's energy for you!

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