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Provera and light cycle?????? okay so now more confusion

Jul 29, 2010 - 1 comments








Had a spot while use the restroom sunday( dark brown- sorry tmi) then monday had a little spotting enough for a liner and then tues thru yesterday just light spotting when wiping. no bright red-- not even a real AF. I thought Provera was suppose to make things heavier than normal???? . I have no clue what the deal is.. Today 7 days past last provera dose .Either more to come or I'm guessing the Provera didn't do what they had thought it would. Have to wait till 10th to find out...

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by esmie1012, Jul 30, 2010
hi cindy!
How are you doing.  Just wanted to say hi.  You know when I was put on provera, AF didn't show up until a week after taking the last pill.  And my period was very light, almost non-existent.  The month after on a natural cycle, my AF was still super light.  I think with all the hormones we are taking, sometimes our bodies react in weird ways.  Hoping you find out soon!

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