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A new day

Aug 02, 2010 - 0 comments

Today as I ponder what life may have in store for me over the next couple of years I think back over the last week. I got to save a babies life AWESOME, I got to joke with a women who was in a lot of pain and make her feel better WONDERFUL, I was allowed to help a friend AMAZING and I felt like I still had somethng to contribute to this world.

I do not often get to feel this way. Like I still have purpose. I do not feel like housework when I get home, someone does that for me. I dont have the energy to cook, but I have family for that. They dont let me drive much, I am blessed with people to help me with that. I have a 71 beetle and I really miss driving her. She misses me as well.

I cant shop for groceries because just looking at the shelves causes severe vertigo. that is okay I always hated that anyway. I can still do what I love.I can serve my family with tenderness and compassion, I can teach them the ways of the Lord, I can lead them in the right path and hopefully not give them the wrong advise. I can hug my grandchildren and still rock a couple of them.

I can love my husband because I am still fortunate to have him. I can still think most of the time. Even though the kids at work swear I need aricept. I CAN PEE right now. I can talk to my online friends. And right now as I am in my room enjoying peace and reflection I can sleep if I choose.

My prayer today is Lord grant my friends peace, grant them comfort and a pain free restfull night. Lord grant them answers they are seeking, and treatment that they need and most of all let them feel your love and strength.

Good night all


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