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Two More Days

Aug 04, 2010 - 0 comments

Only two more days till graduation for my bachelors degree. I cant believe how quickly the last 2 years have passed. I will take my final for my first semester in the Masters Program friday. I have to make an 80 to keep my A.

Not bad for an old lady without a brain. I decided I may not need the yellow brick road after all.  

Still having trouble with falling. I sure do have a bruise or two but hey the bumps in the road are what keeps us awake. I seem to be finding more and more obstacles in my path that trip my left foot but when I look down there is nothing there. I make up some stupid excuse however like the tile jumped right up and caught me.

The kids are getting ansy about school starting back, as am I. This has been the hottest summer since 1980 and it has played its toll on me. I will so be glad for fall. I dropped to 20 mg of prednisone today and the vertigo returned. I plan to see if that is rebound before I go back up. I am hoping to be able to be at 10mg by the weekend.

I prayed for peace and rest....... I got the peace and a night full of stupid dreams about bicycles and tricycles and rain. Dont know what that was all about.

My day has about ended I am sooooo tired. I think I will shut my eyes.

Good night.

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