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Aug 14, 2008 - 1 comments

I have a little headache today but I was reading that was to be expected.  I have some fatigue today to but hubby was in Houston with his mom so I did not sleep well due to that.  All in all, no real bad feelings on Armour.  Thank goodness!  My face has not tingled today!!!!!  My ear does not feel funny and the carotid artery is not throbbing or sore today.  These are good signs that maybe the Armour is working?!?!!  I do still have some swelling of the thyroid and a tenderness right above the thyroid today, but, I can deal with that - I am not feeling as bad.  Maybe things are looking up?!!!!!

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by peggy64, Aug 14, 2008
yes,,,lets hope and pray they continue in that same direction.....up!!

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