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why i joined this forum...

Aug 09, 2010 - 3 comments

well, it all started back in may.
first symptoms were periorbital edema and an extremely itchy top of scalp and forehead.
by the first of june i developed a patch of numbness above my left hip.  i became extremely fatigued most afternoons.

i thought i just had some allergies and a back issue.  but both were eventually ruled out upon seeing an allergist and getting ct scans of head and back.

coasted along through june until finally at the end the month i had a sudden worsening of symptoms.  numb (or altered sensation--not the kind of epidural numb where nothing is felt/but varying degrees of it..) on lt. side of my trunk, lt. thigh, underneath my rt. breast, rt. underarm/shoulderblade area--too many patches to mention!

the ones that stayed constant up until today are the lt. trunk from breast down to waist and lt. thigh.  other ones have come and gone, and all spots have had their periods of itchiness and both sides of waist have had burning sensations.

the day after the worsening of the numbness i developed a "tightness" or girdle band sensation about 6 inches wide from the middle of my body, around my lower ribs area, wrapping around to my left side.  
this has remained a constant, though the tightness has lessened considerably over the last week or so...especially when seated.

around this time i noticed that i had a low grade fever, which has also been pretty constant, 99-100 degrees and at it's highest when fatigued...3pm or before bed.

was treated for an ear infection when i reported this to doc. but antibiotics did nothing and after a week, my doc. told me that she could see pressure in my ear but no infection.  this is when the vertigo started--very mild mind you...just a little off balance.

i've had a ton of tingles, arms, legs, face.

towards the end of july, i had some sick kiddies to tend too, got myself rather fatigued and then had two glasses of wine one evening...woke up the next morning with weakness in my arms, which lasted about 4-5 days...and only really feeling dramatically weak for the first half day or so.  

hosted a big dinner party at the beginning of aug. and woke up with much worse vertigo--slammed into the wall/floor when getting up to the washroom in middle of night.

back pain has come and gone the entire time.  when it's at it's worst (which is not all that severe for me) it does wake me up in the wee hours of the morn.  often 2 extra strength tylenol will take the edge off enough to get back to bed.

my sense of smell seems diminished--i am at times have had insatiable thirst.  

the most disturbing sign of all so far has been a few days at work where i feel cognitively defeated!  spending many, many more hours doing what used to take a fraction of the time.  

memory, mostly short term, has suffered a bit, though i feel this one harder to pinpoint.  silly things like i made rice instead of pasta one night and we all ate "basmati bolognese!" for dinner!!  teehee.

sorry for such a boring post, but i just wanted to get the facts down.

on a quick personal note, i grew up dancing--ballet and modern.  i have a passion for africa and have travelled there often.  i volunteered for several years at an orphanege for HIV positive children.  lived in the slum of kawangware kenya for a year very simply with no running water or electricity and shared toilet facilities.  i consider this time in my life, one of my happiest.  the sense of community i was privileged to be brought into was incredible and i learned a lot--including the language of kiswahili and atleast the greetings in many other tribal languages.  
met my hubby in kenya and got married there.  we plan to go back for a visit this november with our two sons.

well, i hope i havent' put anyone to sleep.

if you have read all of this, thank you very much for taking the time.

i so do appreciate the community that i have found here online.  

xo  michelleislay (by the way, the islay part of it has nothing to do with any murderous tendencies--LOL!  i realize it could be broken down that way!!!  it is my middle name, and also the name of an island off of the west coast of scotland...any scotch whiskey drinkers out there will recognize it from the islay bowmore whisky's.  my grandmother was born on that island!!)

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1386048 tn?1281012333
by michelleislay, Aug 09, 2010
btw...go for my first neurologist appt. today!!!!

1396846 tn?1332459510
by figuerpa, Aug 09, 2010
Good luck with that appointment. I really hope he does something for you sooner than later.

I have the cognitive issues too. My family now knows that if they tell me something I will more than likely forget, but they finally understand that it isn't because I want to it is because something is wrong.

Thanks for sharing your story with us.

Keep us informed.


1386048 tn?1281012333
by michelleislay, Aug 09, 2010
thanks paula!  
i like that post quix made about getting us limbolanders to post a bit about ourselves.  
great exercise!
take care and i will post later about appt.

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