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Fun on vacation

Aug 11, 2010 - 2 comments

If you didn't know, on the way to Detroit airport 7/31, I had some dark red thin bleeding, and then spotting and cramps most of the next week. Doc said it was ok to fly so we did, but due to more bleeding went to Cape May Hospital as soon as we got to Stone Harbor. Ultrasound and exam looked fine. Sent me home. Checked in with my docs and they said take it easy.

Went to my doctor today for a check. Had bloodwork done for regular 28 week diabetes testing and Dr. Bishop did an exam to look for polyps etc. As soon as he touched my cervix, I was bleeding pretty heavy. Very uncomfortable! He said the cervix looked "friable" meaning fragile and inflammed. He cultured me and we'll see if I have an infection or what. The bleeding will probably happen again. The opening to the cervix is everted slightly meaning some internal glandular cells are kinda inside-out and they could be the reason for the bleeding. None of this is harmful, but he's gonna check me weekly now to make sure everything continues to  look normal.

I also had an ultrasound, internal and external, and everything looked perfect. Cervix length very good- no risk for preterm labor. Baby was sleeping (1st time she wasn't squirmy during and US) and we got some cool pictures. Some 3D. She looks like Nick! Little bubble nose and big lips.

Update: I passed my glucose/diabetes test.

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964234 tn?1331949207
by HeatherLF16, Aug 11, 2010
I am glad everything is OK with you and the little one... hope you still managed to enjoy your vacay =)

1160135 tn?1351708381
by lrmgirl, Aug 11, 2010
Glad everything's ok!!

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