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Real Meds beginning to work

Aug 12, 2010 - 2 comments

I wrote about wasting time. Yes, time has been wasted, BUT, that is something to accept not mourn!
Having a mood disorder that occupies most of my time and alters the "normal" response I would have to life is rather frustrating but it needn't be consuming.
Last week, recovering from a rather nasty strain of sinus infection, I was in bed. I couldn't help getting the sinus infection, tried to fight it off, stayed up with the tons of family we had at our home for a large get together for five days. I stayed up and working until they left then I crashed and three days later went to the dr.
The meds began to take effect and I am almost a 100percet better.
It dawned on me. My bp is similar. I fought it for as long as I could, until I was diagnosed in forties. Went to dr. and started meds. Soon I was better and able to do "regular" things within reason.
Now the bp meds are kicking in and my brain is thinking more logically. There is something I tell people with and without bp. Bp is a gift. Gift? Yes! Without this gift, I would not "feel" the pain of others around me with depression. I would not get phonecalls from friends with people they want me to listen to and steer in the direction for help.
Last time I said I have wasted most of my life. That is not true. When times avail opportunities to help another I am ready. When I have no choice but to go to bed, I must, in order to build up strength to help someone down the road. Sometimes it is educating family and the parents of my niece who is bp as well. Being and advocte for myself and others is time well spent. God allowed the bp. I can either wallow in the muck and mire or  be of service to others when I am "well". When down, I cannot be the person I want to be, but when healthy I can choose to see the possitive side of bp and that is having the gift of "feeling" others pain and steering them to help.
Today, is a good day, fresh with possibilites.

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by opus88, Aug 12, 2010
I can't help but agree with you zzz...without pain ourselves how can we understand and feel the pain of others? doesn't matter if the pain is mental or physical its all pain, we all suffer from one disability or another and from this we learn or we give in to it and allow it to overcome our lives.
I too have had many days over the years where I became overwhelmed and  just went to bed and pulled the covers over my head and wished I'd never have to move again from that spot....something always made me get up again, my kids? my friends? my animals that needed me? God?   there was always something pulling at me and at the time it was not welcomed but looking back it was there for a purpose, to force me to get back up and try again and not allow myself to wallow in the 'muck'.
Its a painful and lonely road we all travel and each of us has to deal with whatever life throws our way, some suffer much worse than others and some are alot stronger, have better support systems or just better ablities to deal with the muck......never the less the muck is still there and a life is never a waste it is 'a gift'

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by zzzmykids, Aug 13, 2010
Opus, you make me smile. Thank you.

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