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Summer is almost over

Aug 15, 2008 - 1 comments






Kids go back to school, the time will be changing soon, autumn is next month, cooler days and nights ahead.  
Sounds great!!!!  
I hope everyone tried to have a good summer, especially you moms with little ones who were on summer vacation from school.  
I feel like this year is going by pretty quickly.  Now that summer is almost over, we get to look forward to the Fall, and  watch the leaves on the trees turn colors ( if you live in the north).  I enjoy that time of year, with the holidays coming up. It makes me feel good inside.
So, anything memorable happen to anyone this summer?  Great and happy memories, that is?   Any funny things happen on vacation to Disney or that road trip acrossed country?  
Please share, it's always nice to hear funny and uplifting stories once and awhile.

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by Deborah34, Aug 16, 2008
I too think this year, esp. this summer has gone by pretty quickly.  I'm really looking forward to fall and the change of season.  I don't live in the north but even here in southern California we have some beautiful fall foliage.  And the cooler days and nights do sound great!

September is just around the corner.  My hubby and I are talking about taking a vacation in early October, just locally but still it will be wonderful to get away for a little while (as much as I'll miss my doggies!).  Perhaps up to Napa or the Santa Barbara area where we were married.  I think these little jaunts are sometimes better than the big trips across the country or abroad - there is less to plan and they are so relaxing overall.

Whatever you wind up doing, enjoy!


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