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Tooth extraction horror

Aug 14, 2010 - 2 comments



pain flu



I dont really know how this journal stuff works first day on here lol so bear with me, I guess I just want to vent and maybe I'll get some helpful advice.

On Thursday 8/12 I went to the hospital to get my upper right tooth removed #2 I believe, I've been having pain for months now and didnt see a dentist guessed it no insurance. I started at a temp agency but they only call when they need help not a very good situation.

A week prior to my extraction I went to the ER thinking they would pull my tooth,I was in that much pain trust me I wouldnt have went. they didnt do anything but did however charge me $300 just for checking my blood pressure, I promise thats all they did smh.

On the day of my extraction I took halcium to relax me which it didn't work I was very alert, I would have asked for nitro oxide but that was an extra $80. I guess its a good thing I wasnt sleep for my operation.

The dentist was very young at least under 30 she stuck me with the needle and proceeded to pull my teeth, this is where things got ugly. FYI I got 4 wisdom teeth removed 8 years ago with no problems a little pain but I didnt feel nothing, honestly I felt good during the procedure.

The doctor took her tool that looked like a pliers Im sure its a different name for it, and started to yank out my teeth, I'm 26 and let me tell you I cried 3 times..She kept telling me to calm down its just the pressure!!IT WASNT..she even had the nurse hold my head.

She called an a more experienced doctor who hurt me a bit but then shot me with more Novocaine I believe..the prior dentist stuck me in the wrong spot so I wasnt numb thats why I was in so much pain.

I had an infection in my mouth and was taking Amoxicillian, its Saturday and I'm feeling weird.

Symptoms include slight nausea, pain in my throat and ear the pain comes and goes Im wondering if its dry socket or my sinuses..

If I have a virus would the amoxicillan I'm taking now help get rid of it? I cant afford to look at that woman again or an ER.

I have a weird feeling in my throat like I swallowed some bones is that possible lol this is a journal but Im asking questions in my own journal.

Okay I think thats enough rambling, I'm going to take my antibiotics and try to sleep hopefully this headache will go away.

Oh if it helps she prescribed me vicodin 500mg Ibuprofen800 and Im currently still taking the antibiotics

I have yet to try Vicodin, I dont know why but Im scared..I took 1 motrin and my antibiotics I space them hours apart, I hope my condition is nothing serious

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by halamka, Jul 22, 2015
i use dental picks with floss. there is a powder to use with the pick. it reduces the gingivitus .When i was 14 i had braces. i did not really need braces. You can pick away at the ends of the nerves without as much pain. Then towards the center. 1 beer can relieve some tooth pain as you clean.   clean clean clean.  The question i have today is "Can I tear the remnants of upper left molar out"  It is broken to where it is on 1 only.

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by Angelinamckee, May 06, 2016
Don't feel bad I had one pulled yesterday one of my chewing took them over a hr to pull it roots were long and curves so it was not easy.. But I was in so much pain when I got home I cried also and I'm 45 we all have pain different then anyone else just depends think that was one of the worse tooth abstraction I ever had...

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