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Daily journal Jan 26, 2017

Jan 26, 2017 - 0 comments

Depression:  2  Anxiety 2
I have completed a lot of goals since being released from treatment.  My new biggest one is to complete my first on the outside and in the outside.  It isn't as easy now as I have smoked more, ate more, ad lay around more since I have been release.  Imbalance was to be a given as well as disturbance.  Usually disturbance leads to far worse things than a feeling of being overwhlemed alone... or you could say overwhelmed and alone.  The infastruture in some aspects of the troubles that I am dealing with simply were not set up and for that reason I can find peace.  I had food but not the food that I was eating in treatment.  Before I went into the hospital I paid no mind to what I ate- not the amount- nor the substance.  Shortly I will be financially able to pick what I want.

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