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A new journey is beginning

Aug 18, 2010 - 0 comments

I have to say after 10 years in this house we have ton of memories. Some so good and others just bad.
My whole married life, meeting my stepsons, tons of learning, and became clean.
It is not the house I amattched to at all. Just all the memories.
I am scared, really nervous and excited to! I will be further away from mom at the nursing home.
Sometimes that is not such a bad thing. Horrible to say but sometimes it is just so hard to go there. I lost my dad in the place. Sometimes she knows me and others......

Good news is I get to take all of you with me. I find that a real comfort! Made some real friends here.
We move on Wed. Have to take 4 cats on a 4 hour drive Ihope they survive lol!  They are not real good travelers.
Windows down, Ipod plugged in my ears!!!!

It is just so hard to believe we are doing this.
So if I am not around as much for a week or so please forgive I will be busy pulling my hair out ;)

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