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wow what now

Aug 19, 2010 - 4 comments

I am def tired of being told what is wrong with me and "god" doesnt want me to have a child and thats why i keep miscarrying. They ask me why im not so sad about said situation. Well its like this: i wake up everyone morning looking forward. Yes im sad on the inside but i cant just  sit around feeling sorry for myself. It will not do my body any good. I am a realist when it comes to life. I have my son to live for. I have a wonderful husband and a  mission i must accomplish. I want to have another baby therefore i must use all my extra time and energy preparing my body for the big event. If I allow myself to live in the past, that is exactly where i will stay. Depression and sadness affects everyone around you. Now why in the world would i want to put that burden on my family??? If i should come across more problems down the line , i can atleast look myself in the mirror and say i tried. Plus i know there are lots of babies in this world that need a loving caring home to call their own. Either way i will be a mother of two one day, and knowing that little detail puts a big smile on my face that will stay there forever. I think therefore I am. :)

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by Tash82, Aug 19, 2010
I believe in God but i dont believe God would not want you to have a baby thats not the God I believe in. I have had quite a few misscarriages myself and I take comfort that i will meet my unborn babies in heaven one day. You have a awesome outlook on things and need to stay positive and if people are being negative then you need to cut that out of your life. Maybe its fate maybe there is a baby out there waiting for you to adopt him/her. Maybe you meant to help the babies that are here instead of making more either way its only a begining not a ending. Be happy and do what you need to do in life for you, your hubby and your son to be happy and screw anyone who trys to interfere.. good luck ill say a lil pray to the real God for you and your family lmao :)

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by Kristinhearts, Aug 19, 2010
I appreciate you keeping me in your thoughts. I am much obliged. Thats exactly what I said to "Screw you. :)" well okay maybe with a substitute lol I believe in finding strength in what gives us comfort. I dont want to say I am glad other people have gone through the same things as me for that would be incorrect wording...I guess the best way i could word it would be that I appreciate the input of women that have experienced what I have... and I draw strength from the thought that I am not alone. I am just beside myself at the fact I have found this website... and the women on here who know what i am feeling who "get me" if you will. It is my opinion that these forums are great support groups and you can learn alot :) thank you for being so dont get alot of that where i am from

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by penneysgirl, Aug 20, 2010
hi ive ad the same thing hapen to me three times in five years its not nice, i see it as it wasnt meant to be but one day it will. you have a great outlook on this and thats the key just keep believin that it will happen and it will. good luck.

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by Kristinhearts, Aug 20, 2010
thank you so much

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