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Irony of Life - Don't see your DR

Aug 22, 2010 - 0 comments

I saw my primary on Wednesday and was feeling fine respiratory wise.  I just needed some thing taken care of before we lose insurance.  

I saw the NEW PA, of 5 days on Friday.  The poor thing had to treat me in her first week.  She doesn't know what she is getting into.  She chewed the dr out for saying that I am complicated.  Well she hasn't read my chart throughly then.  Anyway, she said she though I had a cold.

Today my PCP shows up at church with bad laryngitis and his wife had stayed home with even worse laryngitis.  THANKS A LOT, PCP!!!

I will be up half the night nebbing and I am tempted to send him a text at 2 am saying that I am thinking of him.  lol....  Maybe I will email his office instead.  

Moral of this story... STAY out of drs offices.  Ok, so sometimes we do have to go, but they are the best place to be if you want to get sick.

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