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Day One

Aug 27, 2010 - 3 comments

I'm finally doing it.  My last pill was last night around 11pm.  No wds yet except anxiety, nervousness, and depression - all of the above symptoms are because I'm already missing them.  I'm calling in sick to work today so that I can concentrate on this.  All I ask of you is to stay on me to stay clean.  I hate disappointing people, so if I know that I let people down, that may be the key to staying sober.

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by laurel453, Aug 27, 2010
I wish you the best , Barbie..... YOU CAN DO are taking the best decision, you are saving your life and whenever you think of the pills, please, tell yourself that you are saving your life and you don't need them... we are here supporting you and don't feel alone :) i'm pulling for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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by Barbie95, Aug 27, 2010
Thank you, Laurel!  Support is a very important thing to me.

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by lost1427, Aug 27, 2010
I know its tough, I know the anxiety is there, and there is fear of how you will feel. I was just there... You can do this... Your mind is stronger than words can say, you hold the power to do this it will be worth it. After 27 days I finally feel free, I have laughed and enjoyed things so much more. You have the power my friend we are here for you. But in the end you hold the key.

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