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August 27, 2010

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Panic Disorder






hurt feelings

Well hello everyone,

I have to say today is the first day in a long long time that I woke up not feeling like Crap. It has been many months for me to wake up and feel so good. So this was a Plus to my beginning of  this day and then to top it off I found where my hen's are laying there Egg's. So I found 40 of them, I have 3 hens...So I found 3 different spots that they have laid there eggs. So this is a good thing, I now  can  gather egg's again.
Now for the past 2 days I have woke up and not wanted to walk, and  I'm so proud of myself that  I did is walk the drive way and I also walked all around my 5 arches.. and yesterday when I walked my Driveway I like You to know that I had 3 Hens walking behind me. !!! So I looked kind of silly but they are wanting me to toss out food for them so they will fallow you all around...

So let me tell everyone that I started this week off feeling Really bad physically and Emotionally and then on the day I went to my friends house I have just felt so good about doing that and I have kept up the reading on Positive thinking and what Anger can do to you and oh goodness you think about it I have been reading on it.

Oh and I want to let everyone know that I'm going to Journal a few things that are going to be Pure emotion and just be talking, free to read but I just want people to know I won't hold back and I just want to get it off my chest and let it go and then be done with it. That is the plan and so can't say I did not per-warn you .

Well thanks everyone for all the support
Blessings....xoxox Rhea

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