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Aug 28, 2010 - 4 comments

again i had very little blood in my mucos but only one time . I am so bloted that i look like 5mnth pregnant:( also finally done with antibiotic so this i not peal causing it I feal like i have baloon inside

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by Tasia32, Aug 29, 2010
Could you be pregnant? I remember in the early stages of my pregnancy I had a lot of bloating and I looked to be at least 5 months pregnant.

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by colorado_g, Aug 29, 2010
i wish but i just had my period:( I am planing to buy test tomorrow to just make sure

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by Tasia32, Aug 30, 2010
Let me know what the results are, I am hoping to get pregnant soon too. DH and I don't use protection except for the few times he pulls out (sorry if that is tmi). We don't plan on actively trying (tracking ovulation) until January but it could still happen before then if we get lucky. Good Luck to you hunn!

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by colorado_g, Aug 31, 2010
bfn:( thanks i am hoping to get prego this year:)

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