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A really bad day ending into a good day!

Sep 02, 2010 - 1 comments

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I woke up at 7am, I had an appointment with my doctor to have the results from my neurologist.

For those who don't know, I have chronic tension headaches with a possible occipital neuralgia for 1 year now.

The results from the neurologist were good but I need more scans done especially another MRI but specifically in the occipital area and a angiography to see if there could be anything wrong in the connections at the back of my head.

I asked for two new appointments with more specialists. One to the ENT to rule out any sinus related problems and one appointment for corticosteroids injections possibility. I will also be tested for Lyme disease when I get the samples kit from Igenex. Once all those tests will be checked on my list then I think I will be on the good way to heal.

After the appointment I was a bit anxious, then I had bad news again related to the rejection of my mom's life insurance which really made me depressed (my mom passed out February 23 for those who didn't know).

After some more tasks I went back home and were depressed but I talked to a friend online who had a bad day too and we both counseled ourselves and after then I was feeling very good. I insist on telling this to mention the importance of social interactions when you are depressed. Talking to a close friend can make all the difference in your day.

Then I was very energetic, I decorated my room, did music, sorted out some papers, made another video on YouTube. A terrible day that ended up being a very productive day just due to the fact that I had support from a friend.

Since it's been a while since I wrote a journal I will give you an update about my current medications too. I am now on amiltriptyline for tension headaches and the depressed due to chronic pain and tizanidine and it's my second day on those medications. I decided to go with amiltriptyline due to it's history of success with chronic tension headache even if I had already tried nortriptyline, which is the majoc metabolite of amiltriptyline, in the past. I am tapering the diazepam and should be diazepam free in one month.

I started a new product called Neurvana which is beta-phenylethylamine HLC and supplementing with choline, inositol and a new brand of magnesium I'm trying. It works wonderfully!

When having a bad I encourage you to talk to someone rather than isolate yourself and saying I'm having a bad day. Sometimes a simple thing can reverse your mood. It works in both ways.


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1135275 tn?1586565652
by my_mayberry, Oct 11, 2010
and how is the amitriptyline doing for you? imipramine also works wonderfully too.

i'm very surprised to see that you still have problems with these 'headaches'...if thats what they are. so much for just brushing it off as anxiety, eh?

anyway, for the most part it looks like all is going well with you. thats good. glad to see you're still around, too.

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