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Have you used a condom?

Sep 03, 2010 - 8 comments

"Have you used a condom?". A question I have been asked a lot lately and "Yes I did" is always my answer.
Naturaly I get the "Oh man you're fine", "You do not need testing", "Sigh my friend, I was afraid you did not use one".
But all this assurance could not ease my mind so, a test is what is needed to calm me down and close this page of my life.
I went to a doctor for anonymous testing and guess what, he asked me if I used a condom : ). I said yes. He asked if it was broken. I answered: No. He was just trying to figure out why do I want to test if I used a condom.
He took blood from my thumb, put it on the testing kit and .. it's a positive one. He said you 've got 2 lines although it's a faint one.
He tested with another kit and told me if this one is also positive then, most propably you are.
God had mercy on me and it was negative. So with a bit of courage I asked to redo the test using the first brand (Why did I do that !??) and it was again, positive with faint lines. Dr said fainter than the first one. and then he started a scary movie about I am most propably infected.
Crushed, I went to my home and had the most awful night in my life yet.
Next day, I went to health ministry labs, and asked for a western blot. A good Dr there told not to do so as it will not be anonymous and may cause me some problems and guided me to an HIV Counseling and Testing facility where I will not be asked for any personal information and they will run all tests (rapid, ELISA, WB) as needed for free and will provide counseling pre and post testing.
Sadly, They were not open on sunday. I went on Monday and while I was waiting outside, there was a couple in there both crying. My heart felt to the ground.
I went in there, she was a very nice doc, couseling was nice, I already knew everything about HIV, and I got tears in my eyes the whole time.
2-3 days and I will get my results. Oh God! All I am asking for is a second chance.


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1366547 tn?1287363950
by avonelle38, Sep 03, 2010
Try not to stress out too much. I know this is extremely nerve wracking, but there is a VERY large change that you had a false positive result. Because you had a negative result with a different kit, this leads me to believe you are almost certainly negative. Both the positive results you received were from the same brand of test, which means they probably came from the same batch of tests and could have had problems. There have been many problems in the past with the rapid tests giving false positive results because they are so sensitive. For you to have had a negative result on one brand, and then a positive on another one makes me think you are negative. Keep your fingers crossed and know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

1409114 tn?1323866002
by 5ateya, Sep 03, 2010
Thank you for your support. I really appreciate it.
The one good thing I got from all of this mess is finding this supportive community.

God is good,

Avatar universal
by vikasverma, Sep 04, 2010
I know u will be fine.. u will probably the first person on this planet to test positive with a condom (which had not broken). Just curious, what was the test's name that u did? and which country are you from?

1409114 tn?1323866002
by 5ateya, Sep 04, 2010
Egypt - Acon rapid test

1183190 tn?1326108934
by naveea, Sep 06, 2010
Did you get your results???? what happened ???

Avatar universal
by vikasverma, Sep 06, 2010
Am sure it wud have turned up negative.. and he must be partying now...

God be with him..

1409114 tn?1323866002
by 5ateya, Sep 06, 2010
negative : )

Avatar universal
by vikasverma, Sep 06, 2010
:):) Really happy for u bro.. 6 weeks negative is 99% negative.. unless and until ur body is screwed up big time, u will be negative at 12/13 weeks as well.. But do go for that test.. It will end every doubt..

By the way, what test did u get done now?

6 Weeks negative..  I will say.. go and party.. :)

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