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14 days until Retreival

Sep 03, 2010 - 0 comments

14 days









PNV and Lupron 10units 930AM Doctors appointment all well begin stims tomorrow.
14 day until Retreival.

Called my mom whom still just wants to argue over the fact that I am not coming on the 15th to visit.(sorry I need to vent) So i called my middle sister to tell her about my appointment since she is the only one on my side of the family who gives a junk about me. well then we talked for a while and we both get a message: Our baby sister is Pregnant again. Oh and to top it off my mother is elated about it, it makes me so upset just fyi the baby sister has been married 3 times and has never even had a job and lives in a small camper, She is 23 years old. she has 2 other children who live with their father and she doesn't visit.
I cannot understand why people have to be so hateful to those who are successful around them and why my mother must care so much about the one who has done nothing with her life and throw me and my middle sister under the bus.

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