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Suspicion vs Support

Aug 19, 2008 - 1 comments












The first contact I had from anyone in this group was negative.  While I don't pretend to know why anyone would falsely join the group and somehow turn it against the members, I accept what this person told me is true - at least for them.

But instead of a welcome and a gentle suggestion that I share more about myself, I was TOLD to open up - NOW.

I think it's a shame that within 24 hours of joining a group I found by desperately seeking information and possible friendship, someone demands that I open up completely and bare my soul for everyone.

I AM NOT READY!  I have just admitted to myself and my husband that I am an alcoholic!  I am in pain and uncertainty and the last thing I need is pressure from someone I don't even know.

I haven't asked anyone for anything.  I haven't posted any questions or offered any opinions.  I have simply come, and joined, and read some things that are just beginning to make sense to me.

I hope there are others who realize that every addict comes to the table with different experiences and different levels of readiness to open up.

Hmm, come to think of it, in the AA meetings I attended with a loved one, the thing that is made very clear at the outset is YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SPEAK until you are ready.

But if this group is so suspicious of "outsiders" then I guess I'll need to find somewhere else.

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by mamaboulet, Aug 19, 2008
This forum is a little prickly, a little fundamentalist, a little "company line," but I think there are some good people here. I didn't behave "correctly" so I'm an outsider too. Unfortunately, one person I connected with here, through messages, seems to have moved on, so I'm back to lurking sometimes and occasionally commenting. I came here for a little bit of info and some possible connections with people like me.

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