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Lost mucous plug

Sep 07, 2010 - 3 comments

So I lost my plug 2 nights ago and the next day started with very very mild tightenings, called the midwife and she told me to go to hospital just to check everything out, and she said the babies head is definatley engaged hence the fact I have so much pressure down there, and everything seems fine but basically my baby could make her appearence anytime... so its go go go sorting my plans out for my other two kids arrghh im nervous, excited all kinds of emotions all at once

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by leanne95, Sep 07, 2010
SO EXCITING!!! wow, any time now, i wonder how much she'l look like the 3d scan? cant believe any day now your have your new little bundle in your arms, awwww, she sounds very ready to come out! lol. good luck with the birth XXX cant wait to see her photos, she will be the first baby on medhelp who iv heard of to be born out of all my med help friends,

(a special moment, & one by one were all get there too) XXX

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by Amanda999, Sep 07, 2010
Good luck she'll be here before you know it i gave birth within a week of loosing my mucus plug. :D x

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by natashajay, Oct 04, 2010
oh wow fingers crossed you wont have to wait too long now, ugh i know what a struggleit is with 2 children awaiting the 3rd, my dilema this time is 3 kids no parents or family..they may have to come with me yikes, anyhow its never too long once the old plug has gone so good luck and can't wait to see the pikkies xxx

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