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energy up but still not right!

Sep 11, 2010 - 2 comments





pain in feet/toes


feet pain

So I've been taking T3 meds for about 6 weeks now. I definately have more energy. but I am still not right. Had a rotten cold for about a week and unfortunately that coincided with a particularly busy time at work. I'm pleased I was strong enough to honour my work commitments even though I was a bit poorly. I was able to go to work, so I did. But I'm left, 2 weeks later, still washed out. And my feet are killing me! Really painful! I think this could be partly to do with the fact I am more active so doing more standing and walking. I went out this week to a reunion with ex-colleagues, had expected to only stay an hour or so but had such fun I stayed till eleven PM! Most unexpected and very lovely but I could feel my feet getting more and more painful as I stood chatting. I won't have done that for about a year probably. So it's good to be more active but I guess I have to be careful not to overdo it.

My graph of energy and fatigue shows a slow but definate increase in energy and decreasing fatigue since January. the trend is more pronounced since I started the T3 meds. It's so slow though. I'm amazed and frustrated. I just want to be well and get on with my life. I realise this IS my life and I have a lot to be thankful for but it's hard not to wish that I didn't have almost constant pain and fatigue and that I could think clearly all of the time, not just sometimes.

Lots of others have it much worse. I genuinely am so grateful for so many things. I feel happier when I just focus on the NOW.

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by LisaWard7, Oct 03, 2010
I can relate to you.  It seems it is taking so long to feel like I felt before.  Sometimes, I wonder if I will ever feel the same again.  As you, I am better and thankful, but I have the same issue with my feet hurting.  I will tell you I have learned when I don't feel well, I HAVE to rest.  Resting allows me to "break out" of feeling bad.  Sometimes, it may take an entire day, but rest is important.  Listen to your body.  If you overdo, it will only take longer to recuperate.

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by yallolorry, Oct 09, 2010
Thank you Lisa, it is so good to be connected with others who are having similar experiences. It's difficult sometimes to rest when I have work commitments but I know you are right and that I MUST prioritise my health. So kind of you to comment on my journal. I've had another busy week at work so am resting all today. Taking it very easy, but longing to go running with a friend tomorrow as she's invited me and I want to see how I get on, haven't been running, or done any proper exercise for a very long time....will see how I feel, I guess it's good that I am able to think about it but I recognise I need to be careful.

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