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gastro fun

Sep 11, 2010 - 2 comments


I spoke with a doctor yesterday who asked about what I had tried for my gastro symptoms.  I listed a few but forgot many. Here is the ffunull list:

burping/ bloating/bowel sounds:
antacids: No effect
rantidine: No effect
simethicone: No effect
natural antacid pills: No effect
digestive enzymes during meals: No effect
no wheat: lessens gurgling, doesn't stop most symptoms

constipation (>7 days between bms)
magnesium citrate, 400mg a day: No effect
senna: No effect
Culturelle- No effect
Align- seems like it may have helped a bit, only about 6 days between bms
psyllium husk- No effect
miralax: works as advertised (bm about 2-3 days after dose)

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by evadee, Sep 11, 2010
try avoiding place of antacids either eat an apple or drink a glas of apple may have to stay off of the wheat for a few days to see results...apples and apple juice are alkaline...the settle upset tummy in kidding.

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by annesf, Sep 11, 2010
Thanks! I have been avoiding wheat (and other grains) but haven't tried the apple trick.  I tried antacids a few times but they were completely ineffective and unhealthy in the longer term.

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