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Chiari malformations 1

May 10, 2017 - 1 comments

I have serve headache that never go away my head feels swollen feel like my brain is pushing against my skull. Dizziness and vision and hearing problems. Weak immune system. Numbness burning pains.swelling my left side of my neck swells neck and spine pain .chronic pain, blessed to get 6 hr sleep if I'm lucky. .tingling weakness. Legs give out with no warning. Burning .heat in hands and feet toes turn purple sometimes. .forget very quickly. Lost of control of my body breathing problems which as a child was thought to be seizures but its like I can't take a breath as if my brain forgotten how to breath. Any comments or advice please contact me directly it is hard being on here also only leave my house once a month to buy grocerys or to go to the Dr which both are painful I feel like it will kill me

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by selmaS, May 10, 2017
Hi...immune issues are common with those of us DX'd with Chiari....related issues are connective tissue disorders as well as auto immune conditions.....

With the turning purple that sounds like you have Raynauds phenomenon...again this is a related condition.

The breathing issue is something that should be addressed right is possible you have compression of the brain stem or a nerve that affects, do try to see a true Chiari specialist soon....and have more testing to see what other conditions are affecting you.

Just know you are not alone <3

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