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The Enchantment of Chase ( my grandson)

Sep 15, 2010 - 8 comments

  Love, thought I knew it , I learned more. Being Chases Grandma has broadend my entire horizion of how deep love is. Its different too, not the same love as one has for their children, yet just as strong in a different way.

  You see us Grandmas don't have to follow rule's, we spoil them. I was pushing Chase in a shopping cart at a local store came to the end cap display. It was overloaded with Raggedy Anns and Andys...he reached out grabbed a Andy, and well of course I bought it. He can have cookies and little baby goodies anytime I want to give them to him. Even breakfast !

We have a routine though evertime he comes over, I clap my hands and reach for him, to take him from his mother or fathers' arms, he smiles, reaches out his chubby little arms, and does a body lunge to come to me, Then we walk to the hall mirror. He looks at " the baby in the mirror" laughs every time as if it was the first. (the mirror is covered w baby kisses and handprints and thats ok w me ). Then we go to the bird cage...I always say Chase lets tell the birdies hi, he smiles and (the cage is hanging from ceiling. due to cat ) he reaches his hands out and bats the cage around , sometimes he gets a brief touch of the birds feathers.

Yesterday I got out my big spoon and a metal pot, You would have thought he had recieved a million dollar toy. It was so fun to watch him try to repeat what I had showed him. Somehow the spoon did'nt make it to the pot until he discovered using the other end worked for him...ohhhh the noise. But he goes home !

For about five minutes straight we played a game where I was sitting on couch and picked him up above my head brought him down and we did Eskimo kisses, I think he would have laughed and played that until my arms gave out.

Theres just one thing yesterday for the first time when I was singing to him , as he was sitting on my lap he reached both those dimpled little hands out and rather firmly placed them on my mouth, then he smiled when I stopped singing ! He was ok when we resumed patty-cake LOL

Hard to believe my little angel will be one in 2 months,,

He took his first steps last week.

Love is grand...Grandbabies

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219241 tn?1413537765
by redheadaussie, Sep 15, 2010
That's so beautiful! I am so pleased you are having so much fun and so much love being shared with each other. Isn't it amazing how time flies!

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Sep 15, 2010
goodness cherie I didnt realise he would be one that soon, has it all settled down now with your son and daughter in law, I am glad you get to see him a lot steps cute have you put some pics up ?

203342 tn?1328737207
by April2, Sep 15, 2010
So sweet. They grow up so fast! My little grandbaby is 3 months old now and rolling. Before you know it he'll be walking too.

377493 tn?1356502149
by adgal, Sep 15, 2010
What a beautiful journal post Cherie.  Your little Chase is so lucky to be so loved by so many.  And I can tell you from the perspective of someone who recently made her parents first time grandparents....there is not a whole lot more beautiful then watching your child bond with your parents.  It is a beautiful, amazing thing and never ceases to move me to tears.  It goes to show's things like you describe that truly matter in life..the rest of it is just small stuff in comparison!  Hugs to baby Chase and to you!!

Avatar universal
by teko, Sep 15, 2010
Do you know what a joy it is to hear you so happy girlfriend? I am so happy for you and so glad that you have that little one in your life! He is truly blest and so are you! It is the simple things in life that your describing that matter! Thanks for sharing you and yours with us. I think you are very special. Hugs!

Walking? Already! Wow! Time flies! They grow up way too fast!

Avatar universal
by gator145, Sep 15, 2010
Wow Cherie, It is so nice that you are once again having a real good day........ Know something ? You made my day great just by posting this good time you had.....Thanks, Hugs for you both dear friend.....Gator

483733 tn?1326798446
by TrudieC, Sep 15, 2010
Thank you for sharing this.  I've been wondering about Chase and so glad you two have a regular routine.  How is everything else going?

Avatar universal
by rebel5, Oct 17, 2010
aww what a lovely jouranl

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