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Special Day.. better day.

Sep 17, 2010 - 4 comments





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Today I took my first klonopin in over a week. The good ones with the K in the middle. They are expensive as ****, but I think they're worth it. I've been so calm today. Numb as well, yes... but calm is nice. Once a week is a good compromise.

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by goobers666, Sep 22, 2010
i've never tried the K ones, but the generic by Roche is pretty good too. CHEAPER. mines have an R and numbers.

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by Blairsie, Sep 22, 2010
Oh cool. Yeah the generics I have (I go to 2 diff pharms) are the green flat 1 mg by Teva and the green circular 1 mg by Mylan. I'd like to get the generic Roche ones. Where do you fill your script? :)

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by sky_is_the_limit, Oct 20, 2010
Hey guys. Just wondering if you could answer a question for me. I have anxiety and it seems the older I get the worse the anxiety gets. Is that common with anxiety and depression.


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by lanal395, Jan 18, 2012
My Dr. gives me the Klonipin (Clonazepam--is the generic) it is small white 2 mg, and has on it: E 65.  --- 2 per day. (That 2 mg, is supposed to be the strongest/highest, but when I take it....I can't really tell that it helps.)  Is it true that you can take 32 mg. per day??? ----   wow, that seems really too much., like overdosing the body.....?

   *Curious, How does just 1 Klonipin work for the whole week?    Can you tell me more??? - I have a 23 yr. old Daughter that 'needs' something to 'calm' her.  She took Ritalin, when she was little.  I was thinking of getting her back on the Ritalin, but maybe the Klonipin would be better ?
    Thanks for any suggestions and/or experiences with the Klonipin, or does anyone take the Clonazepam (a generic of Klonipin)  ???   :)

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