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Jul 26, 2017 - 0 comments

the past few months i was in and out of the hospital and they dx me bipolar disorder type I. i refuse to take this medication for too long at all. This medicine that in long term will potentially destroy my thyroid and kidney cells. Maybe cause diabetes (which I have a risk for) or some metabolic syndrome, or cholesterol issue with Abilify and lithium....complete poison. I've been better, mania & SI/delusional/psychotic is under control for the past month so I'm going off already. I take medication on an as needed basis. This will be day 3 and I feel great, and not in a manic type way. I just feel normal, and my thoughts aren't speaking all at once at various speeds and tones and about different subject matter. Lithium brought me back down to normal. I would drink, could catch a buzz. It took me from over the top to just at baseline. Just above baseline. Immediate side effects suck tho. It took about 3 weeks to feel anything from lithium but when I did it was a giddy drowsiness and after 1 month I've gone from 127 to 132. You can't **** with my weight. I'm not giving any more chances for anymore ********, like acne etc. Abilify left me soooooooo restless. If I start feeling/seeing symptoms again I have my meds to bring me back down. But all those pills on a daily basis? I think not. I've never been the type, never....

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