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Jul 30, 2017 - 0 comments

Hi my name is christin caudle I'm 23 I go through anxiety and depression ocd pure o anxiety and panic attacks I'm thyroid patient 6 years my anxiety and depression and pure o ocd they never really trigger as much before my dad passed away sometimes I get clueless why am I like this when I know the answer of my dad being gone support groups never did help people assume me the bad guy when it was them some people never comment on my things when I see other people getting replies I'm hoping to seek a group for help advice then reality I remember one time I ask for someone for help and I talk to somebody about someone and they thought I was talking crap but when I was trying to joke and fit in but I wasn't that serious though so I'm always trying be blamed as bad guy when bad guys are playing the victim like what's wrong with this century in people I'm tired of people sometimes I feel like I'm just better off on my own I'm looking for advice good support system  

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