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Jan 06, 2008 - 0 comments






had esophagus cancer surgery where they removed most of the esoph. and a section of stomach.  Pulled the stomach up and attached it to a small part of esoph.  This was in Aug., 5 mos. ago.  He is still spitting up food when he reclines for bed.  His surgeon told him, it's going to take time.  He will not change any meds at this time.  Dad takes Prilosec two times a day. Time for what?  His sphincter muscle was removed.  Will time do something to help make the food stay down?  He cannot grow another sphincter muscle.  He has a hospital bed which is very uncomfortable.  He sleeps in his lazyboy chair during the night.  He is cold all the time.  He's going to have his hemoglobin checked this week.  If there's anyone out there that has experience with this surgery and can give us some insight, it would be appreciated.  Until then, I'll keep searching the web.  Thank you.

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