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67 Days

Sep 21, 2010 - 21 comments

I have tested today for Hep a,b,c , syhilis, and again for HIV.
Will get my results in 3 days.

The the prob is I just remembered that I was vaccinated for Hep a,b or maybe just b I don't remember and I don't know if that would that interfere with the hep test.

HIV test name had antigen in it. I don't know if this is a good test.

Fingers crossed but waiting for test results is making me anxious.

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by naveea, Sep 21, 2010
Its a HIV DUO test if had a antigen in it..antigens are produced before anitbodies

Its highly conclusive better than normal antibody test ..Dont worry ,it will be negative,,,

Not sure vaccination will effect HEP tests,but it will not affect HIV test


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by 5ateya, Sep 21, 2010
Hello my friend.
I am following your advice for hep and syphilis testing besides repeating the HIV.
I am also having a very bad cold for 3 days now but today is the worst yet. I will go to a doctor and tell him about the enlarged lymphs.

Thank you for your support.

1409114 tn?1323866002
by 5ateya, Sep 21, 2010
You know what I guess I was tested before with the same test coz the Dr was telling me that 1 month is enough which is the Duo test guideline. If that's what happened then this is more conclusive than I thought.

A question my friend, I am having this terrible cold right now, this is the first I get sick this bad since the possible exposure more than 9 weeks ago. Should I think this is just cold or it can be seroconverion of HIV or other STDs?

Thank you for your answer.

1183190 tn?1326108934
by naveea, Sep 22, 2010
Its just a common cold.... you should relax,,,,even if its a STD ..they are treatable

You HIV test @ 67 days will be negative.....

1409114 tn?1323866002
by 5ateya, Sep 22, 2010
I went to an ENT
Told me that I had a flu that led to a sinus infection
Told him about the enlarged lymphs, he inspected them and told me they are small, forget about them, they will take time to return to their normal size and DO not poke them
Prescribed me some medications

I called the AIDS hotline today and asked them about the test I had in their labs and if it was conclusive or not. The Dr told me that 1 month is conclusive and when I asked about the 3 months mark on the internet she just said that this is not updated info and currently 1 month is conclusive and told me RELAX.

Will get my results tomorow night, If this HIV test is -ve (please God) I will not test again and hopefully I will not be anxious about HIV again or else I will just go to my therapist.

The problem is I am still having those dreams about being HIV+ almost daily. Wow the mental torment after on mistake is just too much to handle.

We have a saying here in my country that says: Receiving bad news is better than waiting for it. Now I understand it.

1183190 tn?1326108934
by naveea, Sep 23, 2010
"Receiving bad news is better than waiting for it" - Yup its really hard waiting for results

I usually get my results in a the evening ,and i go mad till then... Dont worry my friend you will be all right...

You test will be negative,.....

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by world78, Sep 23, 2010
Hi guys
Though I've been testing for HIV every year for 4 years- evry time neagtive but I didn't know about this genital herpes. I got kind og sore on penis head two Doc said its looks like herpes I got to wait for the result for 2 more weeks yes its very hard time I better die rather than hearing my herpes positive. All the symptoms match for herpes I'm praying for negative.

1183190 tn?1326108934
by naveea, Sep 23, 2010
Hi world78

Herpes wont kill you but HIV will...Herpes is dormant most of the time..when you have a outbreak you can control it via medication.....

Half of worlds population has herpes.... so dont worry even if you are positive

1409114 tn?1323866002
by 5ateya, Sep 23, 2010
will get my results in 4 hours

I actualy have moved on and am happy again. I am enjoying my time with family and friends and focusing on my career again with determination and hope for the future. This time it must be -ve : ) against last when I was expecting the worst and preparing my mind for a new life.

1409114 tn?1323866002
by 5ateya, Sep 23, 2010
All came back negative. HIV hep a b c and syphilis.

that feels good and I will just keep moving on.

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by world78, Sep 24, 2010
Hi 5ateya
Thats great, I can imagine how happy you are! Enjoy and all the best.

Still I got 13 days to get my herpes test result with my first doc and 16 days for STD include fo Herpes with STD clinic. I want to be with parents I've been living away from them in an island for 4 years once in while I go back. I spoke to my mother yesterday as I told in forum that I have a different reason(I got some virus but that by STI) to my family members, my mother was saying all of my childhood stories, like she raised me I controled myself not cry but  finally she asked me that didn't she rasied me to become Virus Infected person(She never knows my sexual history) but I couldn't control I cried of course she didn't mean to hurt me, I feel guilty Why should I did this to me and family. I'm very emotional person and trying shouldn't let my emotion lead my life but very difficult for me. Please god give me a chance.

1183190 tn?1326108934
by naveea, Sep 24, 2010
Congrats Buddy,,,,

1409114 tn?1323866002
by 5ateya, Sep 24, 2010
Don't worry man I might have herpes too I just don't know if they test for it in my country. If I had it I guess this ***** but still as navea said it's not a harmful virus, it will not kill you, it becomes dormant and you may not have an outbreak again. check it on the internet. So relax, even if it is herpes, a LOT of people have it and it won't hurt u at least not like HIV and hepatitis and other deadly diseases. Be well my friend.

Thanks navea for ur support. It is nice having a friend like u.

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by vikasverma, Sep 24, 2010
"Receiving bad news is better than waiting for it"  - I AGREE TO THAT TOTALLY..

Haven't shared on this forum.. But, I had one of the most dreadful 3 hours of my life..
This is what had happened :

I believed in the 6 week mark that Dr. HHH on this site has set for the HIV ELISA 3rd gen.. I was negative at 2 weeks and 4 weeks.. Between 4 weeks and 6 weeks, I was experiencing all the pains in the body, night sweats blah blah blah... all due to anxiety(which I realize now)..

Went for the 6 weeks test at a different lab (best in my city).. so was fully trusting these guys.. Gave blood at 12 pm, was to get the result on phone at 3 pm..

Called them at 3 pm.. Guess what, the phone operator, she was not telling me anything.. she said to call after sometime.. Then she handed over the phone to the Senior Microbiologist..

This is what she told me : Your test has failed...

It was like, earth moved below me.. I din't know what that meant... She said the medical kit is giving some chemical error and they are repeating the test, and result will be available after 3 hours..

I was sure that i tested positive, and they are confirming it with one more test..

I left office, went straight to a temple to pray.. I was an Atheist.. joking at God.. But, that day, I was like sure of one thing.. only He can save me..

Next 3 hours, I don't want to recall. I was shaken to my core...

Called up after 3 hours, was told its NEGATIVE.... the lab person who conducts the test, assured that the test had given some chemical related exception and it happens sometimes.. He confirmed its NEGATIVE and is not lying..

Got tested at 8 weeks again over there, it was negative smoothly.. went to another lab at 9 weeks, negative.. 12 weeks negative, 16 weeks negative..

Now, I have MOVED ON.....

1183190 tn?1326108934
by naveea, Sep 24, 2010

I cant even imagine how those 3 hours would have felt vikas....

1409114 tn?1323866002
by 5ateya, Sep 24, 2010
Try imagining the days between receiving both pos and neg results till I got the neg results after 10 days : ) I have beleived in god all my life but someone up there was playing with ne hard

do u think I can totally move on right now or this is still too early. How safe is condom + 9 weeks ab/ag neg result?

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by naveea, Sep 27, 2010
Test until you are confident... that is all i can say

I tried moving on with my 17.5 weeks negative,,,but in vain

I have 2 swollen lymph nodes behind my knee,i can visually see them,, they are tender to touch and warm from last 2 days

I had trouble walking for a day ...I have a low grade fever due to this.... I never had swollen lymoh nodes in my knees before

Now am back to square one,thinking about HIV,,,,, am sure i have it now

1409114 tn?1323866002
by 5ateya, Sep 27, 2010
Come on man

I never heard of lymph nodes behind the knees

and 17 weeks negative !!! that's 5 weeks past the window period

please please please ... if you did not move on already then I propably should commit suicide !!

1183190 tn?1326108934
by naveea, Sep 28, 2010
Well i would have moved on... but the symptoms just wont go...if my docs find out whats causing my problem.. i would have forgotten all about hiv...sigh...

You did a western would shown even if you were seroconverting... so you are all clear

1409114 tn?1323866002
by 5ateya, Sep 28, 2010
ELISA is more sensitive than WB (What I know) but less specific. That's why WB is used to confirm that ELISA was actually reactive to HIV and not other similar antibodies, So, ELISA would show if you had HIV better than WB but WB will show if it is actualy HIV.

You are on the clear too my friend. beleive me I do not want you to suffer.

Why don't you do the following to let this go:
1- Ask a question on a medical expert forum like "HIV International".
2- Have a PCR and WB tests.

I am totaly convinced that your health related issues are not due to HIV but ask the question and make the tests to get a closure.

I hope you can find out what's wrong and causing your problems, or better, forget all about it and just enjoy living. Get an iPad or go to the gym : ) . Everything gets resolved in the right time.

Good Luck my friend.

1183190 tn?1326108934
by naveea, Sep 28, 2010
I have already asked a question in HIV International when i tested @ 12 weeks

I need a doctors prescription to test for PCR or a WB...sigh

I know i need closure from this .... but i cant seem to find it..

Thanks for all your help my friend .....

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