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Feeling down

Dec 26, 2017 - 0 comments

Good news I’m having a baby bad news is that it isn’t my spouse’s. Me and my spouse separated a few years ago because of his cheating and abuse but we have been still having sex every once and a while, living in separate homes, I was hoping that time away from me would help him to learn to appreciate me and treat me like the queen I am and only want me. Well any ways during this separation I reunited with an ex and we started having sex, and now I’m pregnant. Sometimes I think about having an abortion because I was suppose to be working things out with my spouse when he gets his act together,  I have  told him I’m seeing someone but not that we have unprotected sex. I know he is going to be heartbroken But then on the other hand I think like **** HIM!!! How Can I KILL my baby I’ve been wanting and praying for!!!!He treated me so wrong and disrespectful and didn’t appreciate me, this is MY BABY at the end of the day and it’s not the babies fault. I made my bed I have to lay in it, I have been praying for a baby I just didn’t know it was gonna happen like this.

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