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How can I handle morning sickness?  

Jan 22, 2018 - 0 comments

So you got a positive pregnancy test- congratulations!  You might be over joyed, nervous, anxious, or any number of emotions- and you also might be starting to have an odd feeling in the pit of your stomach.  That feeling could be the start of morning sickness.  I had morning sickness with each of my pregnancies- all to varying degrees, and found a few tips and tricks that might help you-

Chew gum- it helped me push through some spells, often
Eating small meals throughout the day instead of three big ones
Avoid sugar and fatty foods- eat things high in protein and ditch the complex carbs
Consult your doctor about switching to a prenatal vitamin with a lower amount of iron for your first trimester- also take your prenatal at night instead of in the morning
Have some crackers or a snack by your bed, so when you get up you can eat right away
Take it nice and slow- rushing around doesn't help
Motion sickness bracelets
Sleep!  No excuses, you are growing another human- you need your rest!
Peppermint in any form- tea, mints to suck on etc.
Vitamin B6
Eat your food, but don't guzzle liquids at the same time- you need to drink water, but doing it at the same time as a meal, can cause your stomach to feel uneasy.
Eliminate stress as much as possible
Try changing your toothpaste- the flavor might be setting you off

If you have other questions about morning sickness or pregnancy, be sure to check out the MedHelp pregnancy forums- or leave a comment here!

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