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Update 2/19/2018

Feb 19, 2018 - 0 comments

     It has been a while since I have written in this thing. Do you ever believe everything happens for a reason and that God has complete control even when life is out of control? Reading my last journal entry and after that relapse I went down a road that led to 9 months of complete hell and getting hooked on Heroin in the process.
I am grateful I didn't leave the guy but in that process he left me to go to a recovery center in another city. It was focused in Christ. I went to AA and decided to work the steps, got a solid foundation with a church and (began to heal and break free from some of my bondage while watching God completely provide) all while he was gone. He was in there for 9months and was married when he got out....
     Funny thing is he didn't stay clean and sober. 2 weeks after we were married he relapsed the difference is I did not. Through the 12 steps I was able to look at him as a sick person, through my net work I didn't walk through this alone this time. after his 3rd time using my sponsor suggested I change the locks, I just didn't want to die. He went to a halfway house and worked steps. After 9- days he came home.
    This week he celebrated a year clean and sober and in march I will have 2. Not all stories are like this BOTH parties have to want this and boundaries must be set as well as kept. my story is the exception not the rule.
    through this mess and our failures and mistakes soooo many people have received help and for some reason couples gravitate towards us and we are able to minister/disciple them. We have also helped people get into treatment and housing and have so many resources... Just a brief update of my life

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