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Best Alternatives for Surgical Removal of Cataract

Jun 04, 2018 - 0 comments

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Cataract is a medical condition of the eye where clusters of protein cloud over your eye lens and
obstruct vision. Clouding of eye lens can be due to various medical problems like high levels of
cholesterol and fatty acids present in your system, prolonged use of steroid medications, diabetes,
trauma, exposure to ionizing radiation, genetic disorders, etc.

Out of all the organs in your body, your ayes are the most delicate ones. Therefore, it requires special
care. The anatomy of your eyes has been designed in such a way that it uses external source of light to
generate images around you. These rays of light pass through your eye lens and reflect on your retina to
form a picture of the things placed within your eye sight. If there is any thing that causes obstruction to
your eye lens or the path between your eye lens and retina, the resulting image that appears in front of
you seems blur. Cataract is one of the eye conditions that can blur your vision or in the course of time
cause blindness as well. Therefore, doctors advice cataract patients to go for immediate treatment or
surgery as per requirements.

Most of the cataract issues occur as a result of aging. However, due to certain genetic disorder cataract
can also occur at birth or any possible age. If cataract is diagnosed at its earliest, doctors can provide
eye drops and medications to get rid of such an eye issue. But, most of the times, cataract is detected
quite late and therefore, surgical treatments look feasible for such cases. Also, surgery for removal of
cataract is the best solution to solve such an abnormal eye problem.

Surgical Options for Removal of Cataract

Traditional Methods

The technologies and medical equipment used in the olden days were not as advanced as it is today.
Therefore, there was one traditional method used to perform cataract surgery. However, the efficiency
was considerably as good as latest methods. The only basic difference between traditional and
advanced methodologies is the time required for complete recovery. For a traditional approach, it takes
more time for patients to undergo complete recovery as compared to the latest and updated methods.
Procedure: The surgery is performed under local anesthesia. A few drops of medicinal solutions are
given to the patient to dilate their eyes in order to get a proper view of the eye lens to be operated.
During the procedure, your affected eye lens is removed and replaced with an intra-ocular lens (IOL).
The IOL used in the surgical process is a artificial lens used. The lens used in a traditional cataract
surgery has an monofical nature; meaning setting focus for either for near-sightedness or far-
sightedness. If you have trouble viewing objects placed at a nearer as well as farer distance, cataract surgery can fix only one of the problem. You will be recommended glasses for the other issue; to help
you see both near and far objects clearly. Therefore, this surgical process had certain feedbacks as
compared to the advanced operative approaches.

Advanced Methods

With the growth of technologies in medical fields, there were many techniques for removal of cataract
were updated. Also, specialized tools and equipments are now introduced to improvise surgical
methods as well as make healing faster. One of the best inventions in the ophthalmology field was of
lasers. Cataract surgery using laser technologies is one of most effective surgical procedures in
ophthalmology. Let us know how

Micro Incision Cataract Surgery

Micro incision cataract surgery is an advanced operative procedure that involves usage of different
techniques to fix your cataract problem. Some of them include phacoemulsification (PE), intracapsular
and extracapsular techniques. Another advantage of these techniques include usage of unifocal as well
as multi-focal lenses. A unifocal IOL can only set focal length for either a closer distance or farer
distance whereas a multi-focal IOL can set required focal lengths for both near and far distances.

The procedures of each one of the techniques for micro-incision cataract surgery differs due to the
surgical equipment and technology used. However, all these techniques involve minimal access or
incisions around 1.8mm in length. Also, the recovery period required after these mentioned surgeries is
comparatively less than the traditional or the older approaches.

If you are looking for a medical center to get your cataract operated, you can go through the list of best
eye hospitals in India. You can also go through the list of best eye care centers located in your city.
Cost of micro-incision cataract surgery differs according to the technology and technique used for
operation. Let your eye specialist help you to decide the right healthcare institute for your eye issue.

The article gives you a brief idea about what is cataract and how does it affect your vision. A brief idea
about the difference of traditional cataract surgery and advanced approaches for removal of cataract is
also provided along. Remember, delaying such crucial eye issues can affect your vision and can even
cause blindness, therefore, get your eye operated at the earliest.

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