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CPAP/Allergy Headache Better

Jun 29, 2018 - 1 comments












I feel a lot better today than I have for the last week. I think I had the heat too low on my CPAP humidifier and it was causing a headache. I turned it up last night and that seemed to work better. I still had a bit of a headache in the morning but not like it has been the last week. I've been trying to determine if my problem was allergies or the CPAP. This seems like it was the CPAP on the wrong heat setting. I haven't taken Tylenol or Ibuprofen today and I'm able to work. So...

I haven't seen what the mold spore count is today. Maybe it went way down and that is the cause of me feeling better. Still need to check that.

The cause still could be allergies because I also restarted Allegra and Singulair 2 days ago.

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by fred256, Jun 29, 2018
Afternoon headache is worse. Not as bad as yesterday though. The mold spore count is a little less but not so much that I could say it was the cause of the improvement of my symptoms.

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