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back to square one....

Aug 20, 2018 - 3 comments


Well its been 7 years since my last STD test, i have a 5 year son and a very kind wife.

Though i never went back to complete normalcy, i moved on with my life

My wife wanted a second child and i have been having blurry visions..

My Optomologist changed my glasses prescription and advised a diabetic test which was within the range.

I have given a STD panel today , results will be in tomorrow.

Really stressed out...

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by naveea, Oct 24, 2018
Well the Std panel was negative except for hsv1 which I knew about it 7 years back....

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by naveea, Dec 05, 2018
Wife is pregnant, and i have still blurry visions...

She gave STD panel test today which is mandatory since she is pregnant..

Scared as Hell...

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by Thomas__01, Jan 16, 2022
Hello Naveea,
I woul dbe glad to hear about you.
My wife and I have the same symptoms as you and no doctors can figure out what's happening to us.
We would like also to have some kids but we're scared to give them this unknown disease...
Your experience would help us so much...
Hope you can reply

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