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1 year off Suboxone

Jan 22, 2019 - 0 comments

I quit Suboxone the hard way, cold turkey. I got on Suboxone to quit a 20 year hydrocodone habit. Stayed on it for 7 years. Way too long. 10 times as hard to quit as hydrocodone. I have never taken antidepressants however from what I have heard about them and the mental withdrawals that follow are similar to Suboxone. Yea... Plus add 3 weeks of physical opiate withdrawal. Sleepless months that will cause delirious behavior. I am 63 years old and have never been to rehab. Because of my delirious behavior, my son got scared and tricked me into rehab after I had been clean for nearly two months. They held me down and shot me up with their nasty drugs. I escaped there with six prescriptions that I did not fill. I am having trouble forgiving my son for this... Kratom saved my life through the physical withdrawal. I was afraid I would become addicted to that so I only stayed on it until physical withdrawal was over. I never slept well but after quitting Suboxone I still don't sleep right. The most I can get is two 3 hours sessions. Usually just one three hour session. Pain or anxiety usually wake me up. I broke my back at 19 and have advanced disc degeneration. IBS lasted for 11 months. Just got it under control on the keto diet. I don't know if it's the diet or the year of abstinence but I feel great. I have no desire whatsoever to ever go down that road again.

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