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Back For now

Jan 30, 2019 - 0 comments

I dont know how long Ill be back for but Im here for now. i dont even care about writing this perfect anymore. i cant believe back then how much effort i put into these small journal entries. Life hasnt changed to much. I did move away finally which was good. But i dont know if im going to stay here long or if i have to go back. things with my family havent really changed. its the same old stuff. my life hasnt gotten much better. i have noticed that things changed a lot on here. i know the last time i came back i wasnt really feeling being on here. so i didnt stay. but im back now because it seems like that theres less and less places to go to talk to people about these things where i dont have to give my real name and stuff. and theres stuff i dont want people especially people i know in real life to know about me. so basically thats all thats happened since 2012. i cant believe its been that long. i am glad to see this site is still up and so is the mental health group even if its not active anymore. so thats whats going on.

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