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the tree and the crystalis by Bashar LazHar

Aug 17, 2019 - 0 comments

MOVIE -  Monsieur LazHar

After an unjust death there's nothing to say
Nothing atalis all.
As will become plain below.
From the branch of an olive tree,
There hungy a tiny chrysalis, the colour of emerald.
Tomorrow it would be a butterfly, freed from it's cacoon,
The tree was happy to see it's chrysalis grown,
But secretly she wanted to keep him a few more years
"So long as she remembers me",
he'd sheilded her from gusts
saved her from ants
but tomorrow she would leave
to face alone predators and poor weather
that night a fire ravaged the forest
and the chrysalis never became a butterfly
at dawn the ashes cold
the tree still stood
but his heart was charred
scarred by flames scarred by grief
ever since then,
when a bird alights on the tree
the tree tells it about chysalis that never woke up
he pictures her, wings spread
flitting across a clear blue sky
drunk on nectar and freedom
the discreet witness to our love stories

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