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Will refractive surgery such as LASIK keep me out of glasses all my life

Dec 31, 2020 - 0 comments

This is extremely important if both eyes are corrected to best possible distance vision (6 meters) and your glasses RX is 0.00 you will  probably be happy until your mid-40's. Then due to the effects of age (presbyopia) you will start to need reading glasses and as you age they will need to be made stronger and stronger. By age 50 you will likely need one pair for reading and a second pair of different strength for shopping and computer. By age 60 you will likely be in no line multifocial glasses all the time but still have good vision at 6 meters or farther. You surgeon should have review this with you if he/she is being honest. In our practice we make sure patients understand this, if they are okay and understand they will glasses 'down the line" AND THEY ARE NEAR 40 OR OLDER we often correct the dominant eye to 0.00 but leave the non-dominant eye -1.00 or -1.25  This is called mini-monovision and can keep the person out of reading glasses till about age 50. Of course the person uses one eye more for distance and the other more for reading. BE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THIS AND DISCUSS IT WITH YOUR EYE MD OPHTHALMOLOGIST, THE CLOSER YOU ARE TO 40 THE MORE IMPORTANT THIS IS.

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